reason to love the internet: Orcharding

I've heard a lot of jokes about the internet and blogs/bloggers. I think that perhaps if you dive into the "sewer of information" and start swallowing everything that comes to you, a) GROSS, and b) are you some mindless zombie?! As with any of the media we are bombarded with everyday, it takes discernment, a touch of common sense, and a sense of humor. While we wade through all this muck and brouhaha, we can discover little bright spots of happiness and art. 

Last year I found this blog (yes I use the Blogger "next blog" button and get so annoyed when it's not on someone's page). The blog site/title is GENIUS. PURE GENIUS. It's one of those things when you see it you say, "If only I had thought of that first!" Also, I love her sense of humor. And the reason I'm posting this today: the pictures are wonderful! I love seeing other people's view of their every day world. I'm a shaky photographer at best, and have no Photoshop skills. That makes me appreciate someone else's frozen time and beauty so much more. This wonderful "Orcharding" picture made my day. I'm posting it here after seeing that Bethany just asks to be sited when you borrow her work. So, dear friends, admire this picture and stop by and visit Bethany's blog. 

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  1. Hello desilou freebush :)

    I'm so behind in blogland, but wanted to thank you SO much for your sweet words about my blog! (I actually blushed...I'm not even exaggerating!) And I'm so very glad you commented over on my page, because now I know to stop over here to read all about chocolate-fried-pickles and fabulous (seriously FABULOUS) Lewis Thomas quotes!

    I promise I won't be a stranger around here :)

    Hope you're having a fabulous Tuesday!