hint at what i'm working on for next post

i'm having a hard time describing my latest dream i want to post... some of the description is getting a little awkward ... i mean really, PINK ASPARAGUS? I googled it, it grows in white, green and purple varieties but i didn't find any pictures of it growing pink in hue.

Here's the working title for the post i'm working on:

Dream: the one where i work at a popular lunch place turned classy lunch and dinner fine dining, and we eat pink asparagus before the dinner shift

i wish we had an In-N-Out Burger here!!!

Wonderful delicious burgers, cheesiness with fries and a milk shake.... /sigh. MISS YOU In-N-Out Burger!!! COME TO IDAHO!!!!!!


A Real Conversation Today

"Mommy, our house is too small," my daughter said to me while she was drinking her bedtime ritual glass of water.

"Actually honey, our house is huge. It's the same size as your grandma and grandpa's house," I responded thinking that our 1700+ square feet was plenty. "We just have too much junk. If we took a bunch out, it would seem bigger."

"Okay mama! That's a great idea! Tomorrow, we can take all your stuff and everything and put it in the garage and then we can play and the house will be BIG!" She stopped and thought a moment. "Well, except the kitchen stuff, in case I get hungry."

Dream: the one where i have a summer job in a mountain ghost town resort and military uniforms look like the old AWANAs shirts

Last night I dreamed:
I am step out of a old traveling bus along with most of my close family and some people that I know I know (in real life (RL) I cannot recall ever seeing these people before). We step out into a clearing on a mountain, an old ghost town lies before us. It's cool, even though I know it's summer. The old buildings are quite spread apart, stable, but not restored by any means. There must have been a bustling town here as the spaces between buildings are where I know more of the town used to lay. My sisters and I run the hotel building, we go there to set up, we bunk in the basement, the main floor for guest check in and the second story has guest rooms. My mom runs a the c-store laundromat that is one of the more prestigius businesses in town. I never see it but I know its near the hotel and is a cinderblock construction painted white, out of site since its the one modern edition to the ghost town proper.
Somehow, observing the town in the course of walking from the bus to the hotel, my clothes became a dusty rose colored plain 1800's dress, with dark buttons down the shirt, my shoes the dark nondescript old high-top lace-up boots. Nearly everyone is in historic but plain costumes. All the ghost town buildings are open, like the front is missing and all laid out, showing the floors to the outside. As we are barely settled in, the first guests (and only people in my dream that I know are guests) arrive, a couple in their early thirties, arrive.
I leave the hotel by the front and wander through the small town area and behind it, up the mountain and behind a screen of trees, coming to a 1970's brick school building, where my daughter takes her classes. I've arrived just in time to get some of her projects and the review of her school year. She is busy running around the class rooms with her friends while a large blond woman that I know from the bus comes up to chat and ask if the bathhouse is open yet. I don't experience it in the dream, but we have a conversation and part amicably from my impression as I walk away from her to find my son and daughter.
As we head down back through the ghost town, there are tourists wondering around, bright spots of modern technology and colors with their cheesey outfits and cameras in the drab and dust. I'm called to the aid of the couple that were the guests I checked into the hotel, the woman is in labor now, though I don't recall her being pregnant when they first arrived. My mother in law is there too, but she is taking vitals and calming the woman, and I'm left catching the baby - after of course, ordering someone to boil water. There is no labor scene, just suddenly I'm holding this newborn, a glowing, beautiful essence of innosence, and wishing we had one of those heated baby stations like they have in the delivery rooms at hospitals. I was lucid enough at this point in the dream to wonder why my mother in law, who is an RN in RL, wasn't the one playing doctor.
Suddenly I'm pulled back into the dream, and my daughter and son and I meet up with my husband, our friends Tiff and Tyler, and my sister in law Jessi. We have to drive down into the town about an hour or so away to pick up Jessi's hubby, Casey, who is just coming back from a couple weeks in the field with the armed services (yes it was non-specific in my dream). We are there, in the outskirts of the town almost imidiately in my dream expericance, all of us piling out of a metalic grey Ford Tarus that there is no way we all could fit in, but I know we drove there, all together.
We're waiting in what I can only describe as a large hanger like building, with hotel and storage rooms built in the middle almost like enclosed cubicles on a single floor, the ceiling is the roof high above us. Casey should have arrived by now, it's late in the day. We walk down the outer wall of cubicles and some of the walls have windows, there's a classic 80's blond lady sitting inside of one smoking. As we continue we come to the cafeteria area where we see his uniform shirt hanging over the back of one of the large colorful chairs (like the ones in kindergarten rooms, primary colors, but adult size). There are blue and red chairs visible and the red chairs are just a little off so they are a bit orangy. I never see the yellow chairs but I know they are in the mix too. My sister in law picks up the uniform shirt and I recognize it - I know someone who had that shirt before, but I'm not lucid enough to place it (RL it's a AWANAs uniform shirt, the kind you would have seen in the 90's, LIGHT grey, plain, no awards on the red and yellow badge area yet). We go outside looking for Casey and run across a closed market, but the owner, an Asian man, is still out front at the table he has set up outside. He's quiet, and I know his wife is in the store, fearful of why we are wandering about, but he is calm, like he'll quell any trouble with amazing kung fu. He cuts up some super sized double king sized Snickers bars and gives us all samples before we move on. I know we start to leave, and are concerned about getting some type of employment, that maybe he can help us with, when I am woken up by a text message from my sister.

Dream over.

Reposted: snowy imaginings

think i'm hallucinating
seeing things that are not there
light shining through the window
shining on your hair
i stood bare foot in the dark
i couldn't light a match
light was glaring off the ice
the wind hasn't started blowing yet
you thought i was your angel
i thought we'd fly away
its over but not gone
its over and gone now
imagine we'd find something else to say
there's nothing left to say

Social Bonds

I read "The No Name Woman" again. My mind finds it so strange to read about the cultures ans social rules of other countries. I find myself angered at people acting in their social rule set and the anger covers from my eyes the fact that I am putting our rules over theirs to try to conform them or say why they were right or wrong. Where are my ancestors' ghosts? What are the rules I am supposed to go by? I must be so steeped in these social bonds that I cannot see them any longer. Yet I know they are there - I can almost feel them around me - like demons.

Reposted: monster besides the water

We were on the lake, a lake created by a dam, and one of the mountains looked like an enormous beast that had died just steps from a drink. The head of the beast was laying only yards from the current water line. Before though, I imagine without the dam, it would have been a small creek. The dinosaur was huge, lumbering to any water it could find in the desert. What made him wander into the desert, and thus to his death, I don't know. His head pointed to the saving stream, just out of reach. His short neck stretched out from his shoulders, pushed upward by his fall. He was left resting on his chest. The beast must have had stout legs like an elephant, his knees and legs folded up next to him. Over the years, he must have caused a great sad stench as his grand body deteriorated. Eventually, only his bones remained, rather than collapsing, they stayed through storm and flood, becoming skeleton to a new and mighty beast - a mountain.