running in place

I've come to the conclusion that housework is like running in place. You work really hard, probably sweat, and don't get anywhere at all.

anything is possible when you are five

Good ol' technology. With it, I can order a pizza while I'm sitting in my pj's in Idaho to be delivered in somewhere in Texas for my hubby and have it delivered within the hour. Unfortunately, my five year old thought that we'd get a duplicate of the pizza delivered here. When I told her to go get in bed, her eyes welled up with tears and she said, "Mama, I wanted pizzzzaaaah!" Poor baby. I suppose if we hadn't already eaten dinner and I had a lot of extra cash or something, I could in theory order the same order to be delivered here too, from our the pizza place local to us. But no, I'm not going to. I explained that if they delivered the pizza here for Daddy's dinner it would be pretty old and gross when he got home, and he'd still be hungry right now. That seemed to make sense to her so she moved on and convinced me that it was a great idea to let her stay up and watch an episode of Star Trek DS9 on DVD with me.

taking slackerific to a whole new level

I haven't given much time to writing the last couple weeks. If one were to look back at the time frame between the two previous posts, well, there was a bit of a delay. No, I'm not blogging in Java. HAHA. Bad, and probably technically incorrect, attempt at a joke. Yes, living with a geek makes me a pseudo geek - just dorky enough to try to make jokes, not really clued in enough to pull off the punch lines. 

I digress. 

Lately I just haven't been sure what to write out here. There's the group of people that like to make fun of bloggers - do you really think people want to hear about the muffin you had for breakfast and what random thought you are having for the day??  YES, DAMNIT I DO.  Those are the kind of blogs I read... along with a few that are really fantastic about sticking to their theme like clockwork... like Shedworking and The One Minute Writer. My sister-in-law has been writing up "The Random Thought of the Day" emails providing me and select others with humor and something to contemplate for a long time now - definitely blog worthy! She just started a blog: ABOUT TIME!! Yes, I'm almost positive that's rainbow vomit on the banner. Don't let that deter you. Once she starts posting all the randomness, you'll find something that strikes a chord with you. Yes you should click the little FOLLOW button. Yes this is shameless pushing of someone's blog because I want them to get readers and keep posting. Yes I am grinning as I write this. Yes I write because it makes me happy.

I digress.

Perhaps all this blogging isn't the internet litter the critics say it is. It is freeing to put one's thoughts out there for others to share and perhaps discuss. It is like that journal or diary I am boldly assuming you had at some point in your life. You wrote away in it, kept it tucked away, called it private, all the while imagining that somehow, someone (not your parents) would read it. They would read it and be intrigued. Read it all and know you and understand you. They would accept you despite - or because - of all the craziness in the pages. You would be worth reading every word and contemplating while they were off doing their daily things - a good book that can hardly put down for other obligations like work and sleep. Now days we have the internet and your blog can be your journal that can be a little more accessible to the world. You've raised the stakes that someone will stumble across it and be intrigued, click follow, and read your thoughts. YAY for technology!

I just thought I'd add, that while somethings about technology is great, technology has caused pseudo words to be ordained and added to the dictionary. the word thru is just a lazy badly spelled poser for the word through!!! HAVE WE NO SHAME???? This is coming from a person who used "I digress" to avoid creating transitions... but I digress...

Dream: the one where i work at a popular lunch place turned classy lunch and dinner fine dining, and we eat pink asparagus before the dinner shift

Several nights ago I dreamed:

That I worked for a popular lunch place and they had just moved to a fancy new building. It had several dining rooms and was like a converted Victorian style hotel. Some of the old hotel rooms had been converted to staff boarding rooms - like a dorm only worse, instead of going to class and eating too much ramen noodles, you just went down the hall and you were at work. A stressful rush around the place kind of work I'd like to add. In the dream, I woke up (still in the dream, stay with me!) and realized I was late for my dinner shift. The staff all met for a late afternoon meal before we reopened for dinner and I had to hurry and get there. The other ladies I shared a room with were rushing around and just about ready. I quickly got up and dressed in my supposed-to-be-classy white button down shirt and black slacks and realized it would take to much time to put on my shoes and socks. I was lucid enough to think to myself, I'm dreaming, just make the shoes be on and they will be. I was still somewhat surprised when it worked. It was like cheating on a game. I made it down to dinner with everyone else and we sat down to eat some of the Chef's fancy new cuisine. Let me add here that I know that the restaurant is in our small town with a population of around 40,000, there is nothing like this building in town but we do have several resturanteers trying to be the fanciest snazziest places in town (gotta make a living yo). This is why the Chef had prepared pink asparagus, artichokes, and some sort of dessert that looked like sliced bananas that I expected to tasted like strawberry banana cheese cake - instead it tasted like undercooked plantains. I woke up while contemplating the dessert in my dream.

Dream over.