Dream: the one where i work at a popular lunch place turned classy lunch and dinner fine dining, and we eat pink asparagus before the dinner shift

Several nights ago I dreamed:

That I worked for a popular lunch place and they had just moved to a fancy new building. It had several dining rooms and was like a converted Victorian style hotel. Some of the old hotel rooms had been converted to staff boarding rooms - like a dorm only worse, instead of going to class and eating too much ramen noodles, you just went down the hall and you were at work. A stressful rush around the place kind of work I'd like to add. In the dream, I woke up (still in the dream, stay with me!) and realized I was late for my dinner shift. The staff all met for a late afternoon meal before we reopened for dinner and I had to hurry and get there. The other ladies I shared a room with were rushing around and just about ready. I quickly got up and dressed in my supposed-to-be-classy white button down shirt and black slacks and realized it would take to much time to put on my shoes and socks. I was lucid enough to think to myself, I'm dreaming, just make the shoes be on and they will be. I was still somewhat surprised when it worked. It was like cheating on a game. I made it down to dinner with everyone else and we sat down to eat some of the Chef's fancy new cuisine. Let me add here that I know that the restaurant is in our small town with a population of around 40,000, there is nothing like this building in town but we do have several resturanteers trying to be the fanciest snazziest places in town (gotta make a living yo). This is why the Chef had prepared pink asparagus, artichokes, and some sort of dessert that looked like sliced bananas that I expected to tasted like strawberry banana cheese cake - instead it tasted like undercooked plantains. I woke up while contemplating the dessert in my dream.

Dream over.

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