Reposted: monster besides the water

We were on the lake, a lake created by a dam, and one of the mountains looked like an enormous beast that had died just steps from a drink. The head of the beast was laying only yards from the current water line. Before though, I imagine without the dam, it would have been a small creek. The dinosaur was huge, lumbering to any water it could find in the desert. What made him wander into the desert, and thus to his death, I don't know. His head pointed to the saving stream, just out of reach. His short neck stretched out from his shoulders, pushed upward by his fall. He was left resting on his chest. The beast must have had stout legs like an elephant, his knees and legs folded up next to him. Over the years, he must have caused a great sad stench as his grand body deteriorated. Eventually, only his bones remained, rather than collapsing, they stayed through storm and flood, becoming skeleton to a new and mighty beast - a mountain.

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