god games

What is it about those crazy little "god games" that is so addicting? Games like SIMS, Age of Empires, FarmVille, Farm Town... OY! There are a ton of these crazy games where a person can build a city/hometown/farm etc and then try to make it "successful". What's the point? There is no way to win the game. One never saves the princess or a planet. Usually one gets so immerced in the game that the gravity well created by the game quickly pulls in friends as well. My guess is that the government is using these games to send people subliminal messages and has incorporated some urgent need to return to the game or play through lunch/dinner/bedtime so that they can make sure we get the full force of their brain washing. In fact, the government is playing their own little god game! Huh. I can't ... remember where I ... going with this... Oh! My potatoes need to be harvested on my little virtual farm. Gotta go!

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