Pocky - it's a delicious Japanese treat that I found at a local asian food market. My son, who is just a year and half old, loves this treat as much as I. In fact, he's recently added "pocky" to his little vocabulary... next thing you know he'll be saying OREO :)

Eeehhhh, lets back up a bit here... it's not that I feed my small children a diet consisting primarily of chocolaty items. It's this strange genetic trait that my children have inherited from me - I can hear/smell/sense high calorie, fatty, delicious edibles being opened or being brought in my vicinity. While my kids are still honing their skills (sometimes my daughter comes running up saying, "Can I have some?!" when she hears me opening the mail) I can usually tell what's being opened or if its milk or dark chocolate. Meanwhile, all attempts to ignor said edibles creates a craving for the item.

Imagine working in a large room the size of a grocery store filled with cubicles and people on the phone. Now, think about how many of those people are snacking on something completely naughty when you consider the USDA food pyramid. You willingly submit yourself to employment there for eight plus hours a day trying not to think about the slightly overdone popcorn two rows over, the vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting ten cubes behind you and three rows over, and just over the cube wall, someone is eating mini chocolate donuts. HOW COULD YOU NOT GAIN FORTY POUNDS?! I've since escaped to a world where I'm the one bringing in the Oreos, frozen chocolate fudgesicles, pinto beans, spinach and Pocky.

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