like mother like daughter... A Five Year Old's Dream: apparently the one where a whale comes up and then turns into a lady

This morning my daughter excitedly tells me: "Mommy! I dreamed last night that Daddy made me a big cool computer and I was playing on it and then it was so awesome and then I had the same dream again that I dream always. There was this giant whale and it came up and then turned into a lady and then turned back into a whale and there was another whale." Apparently that was the end of the dream. From her happy, somewhat thoughtful expression while she told me the tale (hehe hinting at a lame pun) it wasn't a scary dream. Hmmm. She needs to work on her descriptive abilities, as much as I always feel that I do after writing something up or telling someone a story. I'm still wondering what the rest of the details were about the whale turned lady turned whale. Oy vey! Like mother like daughter I suppose.

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