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From my Blogger profile:

Random Question: 
Describe the sound of a moist waffle falling onto a hot griddle.

I'm just going to pick on the question. I mean, it’s called “Random Question” but it’s not even posted as a question. And taking it just as a writing prompt statement, did they write it that way just to twist your brain to all the different ways it could be interpreted? Is the waffle "moist" because it's still in BATTER FORM? Or is there a special waffle trend that I've been completely left out of where you make a waffle, somehow soggify it and then throw it on a hot griddle? Maybe so. Perhaps I shall Google twice cooked waffles. On the other hand, did a moist but cooked waffle somehow get air born and happen to land in a hot griddle? This may or may NOT be the intended waffle landing site. If so, assuming a person was there, it would be a simultaneous dull thud and "OH CRAP!" Of course, if there was no one there to hear the waffle fall in the assumed kitchen, would it actually make any noise?

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