Telling Myself: I am Energetic

I did this for a while. I reminded myself, "I am an energetic person." This would trigger thoughts of the most energetic, get things DONE person I know, and I'd realize I hadn't even come CLOSE to what she could accomplish with all the energy. This kinda sounds like a downer, putting it all out here in blog land, however, it was a real motivator for me. I kept myself on my feet, getting a ton of things accomplished around my house that I'd been putting off in my lethargy. Then there was an incident with my pantry: I decided it was completely unacceptable. I emptied the entire thing, threw out anything I couldn't justify as good enough to feed to my children, and made a big donate box of all the random containers, dishes and thingamabobs that I couldn't remember the last time I had used. Sounds great? Sounds energetic? I ran out of steam about 10 days ago, about 87.3% done with the task. The last bit is piled up on a folding table in my kitchen, being a real hassle to get around. Turns out I'm energetic with a bad memory for reminding myself that.

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