LOL. no, really, i'm laughing out loud!

Things that made me laugh out loud today:

. . . On Facebook:

"Warning: Girl Scout cookies are no longer made with real Girl Scouts. I blame the economy."

"Tonight i saw a spork being used as a knife. Two uses not enough? I will never understand this kind of utensil greed."

"And so it dog out one cat in, one cat out. another dog out., one back dog wants out cat is black, can't see if it wants in ...both dogs in hell with the cats.......good night!"

. . . On a website:

What do vegetarians eat? . . . FOOD!! hahahahaha

. . . On a blog:

Where does Fat go when you Lose it? ... i was laughing so hard by the time i got to the end i started to worry i'd wake up the kiddos!

This post . . . when I realized that all this is so much more funny when you are very, very spelp
speel slepe sleep deprived! *giggles*

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