haha I'm BACK!

I'm back. I haven't really been anywhere that interesting (maybe fun and very addicting though. . . ). I just took a left turn at FarmVille and got lost in CityVille . . . and well, I realized when I hit the level cap in CityVille within a few weeks of it's release (with the help of some GREAT new friends in Facebook, btw!:)) that I had a problem. Yeah, I'm going to admit it here, I love jumping out of reality and getting lost in a virtual world - especially when it is "FREE".

You know what's great about having limited funds? It saves people like me from wonderful, wonderful places like Azeroth, people like myself that *just*can't*stop* . . . /sigh

So here I am, deciding to try to get back out that melodramatic, fabulous, pessimistic (ok maybe not the pessimistic) self that used to attempt to write and occasionally sketch designs. I am letting go of my awesome city at the current level cap of 60, and promising myself that *it*will*be**OKAY** to let go of my farm just six teeny-tiny levels shy of 100. Yeah, I'm bragging. Yeah, I'm having trouble letting go.

I imagine this sounds a bit silly. And just as a disclaimer - I'm not dissing all those fantastic people that play those games on Facebook . . . I'm just over using ellipsis again and really enjoying it!

HELLO WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DESILOU FREEBUSH IS BACK OUT ENJOYING THE SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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