Dream: the one where i can only see the side of my face (don't ask me to make sense of this one)

Last night I dreamed:
   I was minding my own business, living in an old two-story farm house out in a sage covered desert, when I was pressed into service being undercover in a local women's detention/community service facility. Exactly. CONFUSING. Apparently it was just up the road from my place. As part of the agreement, they'd sneak in my degree and graduation picture I was expecting from completing my masters, as I would miss the graduation ceremony.
   Time jumps forward, I've been there a while, but haven't found whoever/whatever I was sent there for. However, I have become good friends with a small group and am struggling with guilt at not being who they think I am. There's some sort of event for the whole facility and we all are dressing up, doing hair and make-up. My graduation picture arrives with my degree and I notice that they've put me into the picture just like the picture from my BA, the only difference is the color is royal blue rather than back of my first cap and gown. In both pictures, it's a side shot, close up portrait style showing my left side.
   The pictures seem natural to me at the time, but then I go to put on some lipstick (a shimmery cinnamon that I had in RL when I was seventeen) and something is wrong with the mirror. I can only see the right side of my face and can't move myself to looking straight forward at the mirror. I try to look up at my eyes and the mirror is foggy there. Then I see the door opening behind me to the left and I realize I've left the pictures and documents out on my chair and I wake up.
Dream over.

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