my own scarf full of hugs

Throughout the day lately, my daughter, seemingly out of the blue, will say to me, "I love you my mother." She says it cool, calm, serious, often while she's coloring or otherwise busy. But every time she says it, I feel like I just got a great big warm hug from her, and know that despite all the crazy hectic days and arguments over whether she'll eat her carrots or go to bed when it is bed time, there's a mother-daughter bond, love, that won't be broken, even when she thinks I'm a crazy old lady out of touch with "cool". I'm storing up all these hugs for remembering later... 
I used to send a scarf with her to kindergarten that was "full up with extra hugs for all day" while she was there and I was at work. I'm thinking I'll need my own scarf soon enough. There's an old song, about the uncertainties of the future, I don't remember all of it or if it's quoting something, but one line stays with me:  "I don't know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future." 


  1. I love this, Des. Notice the time I am commenting. That is because my own "little girl" called and woke me up because she was trying to finish up something important with a deadline that we have both been working on and something was amiss. Forty minutes later, the task has been completed.

    Before I had to force myself to walk away from her as she stood in the hallway of her dormitory that first year of college--and every time I have been around her since--I have made it a point to kiss her cheeks (if she ever finds out I told you, she will not be happy...but perhaps when she has little ones she will forgive me). I have done this for the purpose of storing them up for those times when she is far away from tonight. So I can say with absolute conviction and certainty that you will be grateful for all of those stored up hugs one day. Cherish every day with that little delight of yours, she will be ever so much older than a Sparky before you know it.

  2. so sweet. I think I will go hug my kids now....