Reposted: once upon a time ... i was cryptic

once upon a time there was a girlchild who imagined herself a woman. She wandered about oblivious to the sheltered nature of her life and thought that everything was going right. much to her awakening and little to her subconscious surprise, nothing was as she'd thought. nothing was as good as she imagined. then one day her body guard and coincidental confidant asked her to run away to where there was a hole in the sky, describing the beauty of the land and the delicacies and the ship she could buy. The girl enjoyed the idea and pleased her vanity with it. It is perfectly fine, her guide told her. Everything reverted back to such untruthful statements in company. The guide always knew the thing to say to try and win her favour while the other knew her thoughts before she. And the prince; we shall fall into a deep sleep...

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